First is a member of the ELCA. Our doors are open for everyone!
Worship services held each Sunday at 8:15 and 10:45. (Holy Communion offered at each service.)

Mission Statement

At First, we believe...

  • God's grace is freely given to all people.
  • Followers of Jesus Christ should be in the business of loving people, not judging them.
  • Analytical thinking, even doubting, can be an important part of growing in faith.
  • Children need to grow up in a nurturing environment that teaches the love and acceptance of all people
  • Following Christ isn't simply a matter of obeying rules.
  • Following Christ can be difficult, and most Christians don't do it perfectly.
  • God gives us the gift of Christian community to help us along the way

If you agree with the beliefs above, and if you've been searching for a faith community that shares your beliefs, then God may be calling you to be a part of First. Join us this Sunday!

Lutheran Beliefs

To learn what ELCA Lutherans believe (as well as church positions on modern issues), visit the ELCA website.