What We Believe 

As Lutherans, we believe that each and every person — at all times and in all places — is a beloved child of God, for whom His love and grace is freely given. You don’t need to dress up or be of a particular age, race, or sexual orientation — just bring your joy, your passion, bring your questions, and your struggles and join us in worship and service in God’s kingdom. 

Meet Our Staff

First Lutheran is blessed with a passionate and wonderful pastor and staff. Our pastor and staff, in conjunction with congregational members, plan and execute the wonderful ministries you will find here! 

Our History

First Lutheran has a wonderful and vibrant history of harnessing the power of relationships to create transformation in the Longview community stretching all the way back 1935! 

How We Serve

At First Lutheran we are committed to our local Longview community and beyond. From our on site tutoring center to the quilts made with love for those just trying to stay warm each night to the many ministry partners with which we are actively engaged, we aim to be the hands and feet of Christ in everything we do.